The Best Ways to Maximise Tooth Whitening

Few dental treatments transform the way you look more than tooth whitening. After the procedure, you have a dazzling smile that fills you with confidence. To ensure your results last longer, you need to engage in some self-care. From avoiding tooth-staining foods to quitting smoking, there's lots you can do to help your dentist out.

Avoid foods that stain teeth

This is the most obvious tip, but it's one that's worth repeating. Certain foods and drinks stain teeth. These include red wine, coffee and anything with dark pigments. It's extra important to avoid them during the first seven days following whitening. Why? Because this is when the teeth's pores remain open, leaving them prone to stains. You can still enjoy a glass of wine, just stick to white. As for coffee, you'll just have to avoid it for a short while.

Ask your dentist about at-home kits

With pores in mind, you might want to consider using an at-home kit. Applying gels for seven days following tooth whitening reduces colour regression. In the initial post-whitening period, applying the gel allows it to penetrate further. This means the whitening takes place at a deeper level. As a result, your teeth will dazzle for longer.

Don't go too far when using a DIY kit

If you decide to use a DIY kit instead of visiting a dentist, exercise caution. Too many applications cause the enamel to weaken in patches. When this happens, some areas are whiter than others, leading to an uneven result. It could also weaken the enamel, which leads to dental interventions in future. Apply the same rule to hopping between dentists too. Most will spot a recent whitening process, but going between multiple professionals for extra treatment is bad for your teeth.

Quit smoking now

Few lifestyle choices darken teeth more than smoking. When nicotine mixes with oxygen it turns yellow, causing your teeth to go the same colour. Similarly, tobacco contains a range of dark gases. After several encounters with your teeth, these gases cause staining. If you're considering teeth whitening, now's the time to quit. When you bear the porous nature of your teeth in mind following the post-whitening period, quitting becomes even more important.

To see the best tooth whitening results, visit a professional. They'll analyse your enamel and create a formula that benefits your smile. Also, they'll strike the right balance between brighter teeth and those that look offensively bright.

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