Why You Should Schedule an Ultrasound When 6 Weeks Pregnant

After testing positive for conception, you're in for a memorable pregnancy journey. Scheduling an ultrasound appointment at six weeks with your obstetrician is advantageous in numerous ways. An ultrasound helps you get a sneak preview of your unborn miracle and prepare for the baby's arrival. Getting an ultrasound at six weeks has numerous benefits, and this post will highlight some of them. Keep reading, especially if your pregnancy test just turned out positive.

Get an Early Glimpse of Your Baby

An early pregnancy scan offers an ever-significant first sneak peek at your unborn baby. Often, pregnancy comes with a considerable deal of anxiety, especially for first-time mothers. Looking at the baby on the ultrasound display eliminates the mysteries, letting you understand the current state of your child's health and well-being. Often, your obstetrician measures the baby from crown to rump, locates the amniotic sac and ensures everything is fine. 

Allows You to Hear the Baby's Heartbeat

There's nothing as life-changing as hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time during your ultrasound test. When six weeks pregnant, you're in the early foetal development phase. Although the baby's heart is still developing, it's the first organ to function, and you'll be able to hear it beat during an ultrasound. It's the first sign that you're carrying a healthy baby, confirming that you're growing life inside your womb. 

Determines Whether You're Carrying Multiples

Having one bouncing baby can be fun, but multiples can create a life-changing experience altogether. Thus, an early ultrasound helps you determine whether you're carrying twins or multiples and knowing this earlier is vital in shaping your mindset throughout your pregnancy. 

Determining whether you're carrying two or more babies can significantly help in planning, organising your finances and shopping for your babies' showers. You will soon begin wrapping your head and thoughts around the forthcoming life-enriching experiences. 

Provides the Approximate Due Date

Scheduling an ultrasound earlier helps you know about the baby's due date. After measuring the foetus on the ultrasound screen, your doctor can calculate the approximate conception date to determine how far along you are. In turn, this helps reveal your baby's due date, which is a rough estimate disclosing when to expect the arrival of your bundle of joy. 

Helps Rule Out Ectopic Pregnancy 

Finally, according to recent statistics, one out of 50 pregnancies is ectopic. Generally, this condition occurs when a fertilised egg fails to reach the uterus, getting stuck and implanted in the fallopian tube instead. In such a case, you might need surgery to remove it since a baby can't survive in this environment. An early ultrasound can help determine scenarios like these and recommend appropriate remedial actions.

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