Understanding Thai Massage And It's Unique Benefits

Most people think massages are meant for people who are enjoying their vacations on exotic getaways, but this isn't necessarily the case. Massage therapy is as good as exercising for the body, and this is the reason why doctors and physiotherapy professionals recommend it today to boost treatment. One of the best massage therapies that's practised throughout the world is Thai massage.

What Thai massage is

Thai massage is a kind of vigorous massage, dating back to thousands of years. This ancient healing method is excellent at rejuvenating and energizing the body. The therapist's work is to stimulate energy flow and eliminated 'blockages' linked with tension and stress. This is attained via the use of a wide range of yoga stretches or poses the therapist helps you do. A stretch that lengthens the spine, for instance, promotes a smooth flow of energy throughout this area, and this eases lower back pain.

Unlike other forms of massage therapies that are performed when one is undressed, Thai massage is done when clothes are on. Therapists use their hands, knees, legs, and feet to help you move into a wide range of yoga-like poses. This way energy deficiencies, blockages and imbalances are corrected, improving your general health.

Reasons to consider Thai massage

Massage therapies are often used to offer protection against stress-related problems and relieve stress. Thai massage is specifically said to ameliorate various health issues such as reducing lower back pain, easing anxiety & improving moods, alleviating tension and other forms of chronic headaches, provide osteoarthritis relief, minimise stress, enhance the immune system and provide rehabilitation after stroke.

Since Thai massage is a bit vigorous compared to other forms of massage therapies, it's not ideal for everyone. For instance, if you have high blood pressure, are pregnant, have an acute illness, are recovering from orthopaedic pain or have a condition in your bones or joints, do not try Thai massage. This massage is also not suitable for people who are not yet eighteen years old, people recovering from recent surgery or people with sensitive skin or other dermatological conditions.

Things you should know before the appointment

Before heading for your appointment, be sure to keep the following guidelines in mind. First, make sure you wear loose fitting clothes since you will be dressed during the massage and you don't want to be uncomfortable. Avoid taking a heavy meal before the massage, get there on time, and make sure your therapist knows everything about your medical history. If you feel uncomfortable during the massage session, be sure to let the therapist know.

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