Could Chiropractic Care Help You With Your Arthritis?

Most people accept that they will suffer some additional aches and pains as they advance in age, and they know that they need to keep as active as possible in order to reduce the risk. However, others may be predisposed to a certain type of illness due to factors such as obesity, previous trauma or even their occupation, and, sadly, arthritis may be in their future. If you are beginning to suffer the effects of this progressive illness and are looking for ways to help alleviate some of the pain or restriction, could a chiropractor be of any help?

Degenerative Disease

Arthritis comes in various shapes and forms, with osteoarthritis being the most prevalent. It affects the joints in various parts of the body and is typically classified as a degenerative disease. In Australia, it is one of the leading causes of disability and can gradually get worse as time goes by. Those who are particularly vulnerable will need to take as much action as they can to keep their flexibility or to maintain their mobility.

At Risk

Unfortunately, certain occupations seem to carry a higher risk for employees than others. Consequently, if you have endured a lifetime in the construction industry and lifting heavy weights or performing other difficult, physical tasks or if you have been climbing or kneeling as part of your job, you may be at increased risk.

Chiropractic Care

People who are suffering from arthritis have a number of different options available to help them manage the disease. They may find it beneficial to visit a general chiropractor. A chiropractor can perform a number of different adjustments or suggest certain muscle therapy solutions. This may help them to move more freely and get an enhanced range of motion in the affected joint while decreasing some of that pain.

Supplementation or Medication

It may also be possible to relieve some of the pain through medication or supplementation, but the individual should refer to their primary health care practitioner for advice in this area. They may also find it beneficial to remain as active as possible and to engage in a certain exercise regime if they can.

Getting Advice

If you are suffering from arthritis at an early stage and are looking for as many possible solutions to the issue as you can find, you should pick up the phone and talk with your nearest chiropractor. They will talk through the options with you, and they may suggest an initial appointment for an evaluation.

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