How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety When Undergoing Fertility Treatment

If you're undergoing fertility treatment, you don't have to go through the emotional stress associated with the process by yourself. Here are a few measures you can take to cope with the stress and maintain emotional wellbeing throughout your treatment so that you can get the benefits of fertility treatments. 

Find a Support Network

During fertility treatments, one minute you are hopeful for success and the next you doubt whether the procedure will work. You need a support network to walk with and assure you through the journey. 

An incredible way of finding support is looking for people who have successfully undergone fertility treatment before. Find a group of people who can commiserate and empathise with you. Talk to those who have undergone the procedure successfully and listen to their experiences. This will give you the assurance and support you need to endure the treatment.

Take Physical and Mental Breaks

Fertility treatments can take several weeks to complete. For example, an IVF cycle takes about six to eight weeks from start to finish. The period varies depending on the type of treatment and the individual factors affecting fertility. Since it's not a one day process, you need to take physical and mental breaks to rest and take care of yourself.

Spend time engaging in activities that re-energise you. Acknowledge that what you're undergoing isn't easy, and your body needs rest. Don't shy away from taking some time off work to nurse your physical and emotional health. Learn to say no to commitments and activities that drain the little energy you have. 

Get the Right Fertility Clinic

Finally, the clinic you choose can impact your fertility treatment journey. Fertility clinics are not structured in the same way. Thus, as you select one, think about the following issues:

  • Does the team have your interests at heart?
  • Are you getting enough information about the procedure you want to undergo?
  • Do you feel comfortable enough to share your concerns and worries with the doctor?
  • Do you have faith in the team?

Working with a team that makes you feel informed and comfortable can go a long way in alleviating stress and promoting the success of the treatment. Thus, visit each of the potential clinics and settle with one where the specialists have your interests at heart and make you feel cared for.

Most common fertility treatments can take several weeks to complete, and during this time, it's normal to experience stress and anxiety. Follow these tips to help improve your emotional health throughout this crucial journey. Speak with a doctor like Dr Tilak Weerasiri about fertility treatments. 

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