3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Having good posture is an important part of your overall health. It helps you to walk, sit, and exercise in a healthy way as well as making you look taller and more confident. As this short guide explains, there are a few easy ways to improve your posture.

Work On Your Walking Posture

Walking is probably one of the most common activities that you do, and it is really important to maintain proper posture while you walk. Not only will this improve the way you walk, being mindful of your posture while walking will spread to other areas of your life, and you will get used to doing regular posture checks. Very Well Fit offers some good advice about walking posture, explaining that you should keep your back straight, look forward, keep your chin up, and keep your shoulders back. They also suggest that each time you pause when walking, you should check and realign your posture – over time, doing this and walking with great posture will become second nature.

Get Your Posture Analysed Professionally

Getting a proper posture analysis by a professional is a great way to figure out how your posture could be improved, and what is holding you back from having excellent posture. Active.com explains how posture analysis works when related to sports or exercise, but anyone can have their posture analysed. They explain that there might be factors you are not consciously aware of, such as favouring one leg due to a previously sprained ankle, that you should correct for in order to improve your posture. As well as analysing the way you sit, stand, and walk, talk to the person performing your posture analysis about other exercises you do, such as yoga or running. They will be able to give you suggestions and ideas to improve your posture in all areas of your life.

Try Some Posture-Improving Exercises

There are simple exercises that you can do at home to improve the posture, most of which are related to stretching and strengthening the muscles in your back. Healthline explains some of the poses and stretches you can do at home, such as the plank, downward-facing dog, and chest opener, which can be done without any equipment. You can also search online to find some simple neck stretches that will help you hold your head high, or take a yoga class, which will include many of the poses mentioned above. With the strength that you gain from these exercises, good posture will be easier to achieve and maintain.

If you work on your walking posture, do regular exercises designed to improve your posture, and get a professional posture analysis, you will be in the best position to improve your posture and overall spine health.

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